• In order to secure your appointment a minimum down-payment of US$ 400, = is required. A larger down-payment maybe needed for large villas, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and land over 2.000 m². The amount will be determined by the appraiser.
Quotes can be given but are to be considered an indication if plans are not available.

• Banks require different information and procedures. Kindly advise which bank you intend to submit your financial request to or if the appraisal is for personal use.

• Please keep in mind that it takes maximum 10 working days for preparation and completion of the report after inspection is done.

• Current Schriftelijke Inzage (Title Search) excerpt from Kadastre office showing legal owner and or mortgages/seizures on the parcel(s) of land/condominium to be appraised. If no Schriftelijke Inzage is delivered, we will charge an extra of minimum US$ 30.00 for the information from Kadaster per meetbrief.

• Layout of the subject apartment, complex Nr. and index Nr.: The Kadastre office has this information available. ICE can request this form from Kadastre. The cost will be charged with an additional fee of 15% over the Kadastre costs and 5% TOT.

• A copy of the meetbrief (certificate of admeasurements) or the exact number of meetbrief of the subject land/layout or plans of dwelling and commercial properties is required.

• For construction, Building Permit Plans of the house/buildings etc. For new buildings a short list of finishing to be built is required.

 Please advise if the financial bank requires progress reports during construction; if available the contractor’s estimate with payment schedule.

• Existing property (building) needs to be inspected at the interior as well as the exterior.

• We kindly request to advise in time of an appraisal appointment cancellation or if you are running late.

• Cancellation fees with a minimum of $50.00 will be applied if cancelled within 48 hours.

• Balance of outstanding invoices are due 1 week after invoice date. Payments must be made no later than two weeks after invoice date. Late payments require administrative charges of a minimum US$ 75.00 per appraisal report.

• Saba & Sint Eustatius Appraisals:
      * ICE makes use of a local expert depending on the complexity of the appraisal.
      * If its required, Travel expenses are on account of the client.
      * In case travel to SABA or Sint Eustatius is required an additional payment will be needed of US$ 250.00.
     * Client must pick up the appraiser at the airport or make arrangements therefore and must bring client to the next appointment or back to the airport.

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