Ice Team

Our people are independent by nature, with the confidence to take on the most challenging projects. We nurture pioneers and original thinkers and encourage innovation within the construction field.

Yuri Daal

Managing Director

Joris Vanden Eynde

Managing Director

Ronald Daal

Founding member

Jan Vanden Eynde

Steven Diependaal

Senior Structural Engineer

Agustin Toledo

Structural Engineer

Gerben Tommassen

Civil Engineer

Weishan Zhang

Civil Engineer

Angelique Wolf

Project Manager

Dianne Rodrigues

Project Manager

Akilah Gumbs

Junior Project Manager

Bruno Halman

Yanio Weyman

Rusley Antonisia

BIM Modeler

Eugene Chance

Senior Technician


John-Kelly Gomez


Nelson Berry


Arelis Baroosa


Cleopatra Williams


Thalysia Hassell

Administrative Assistant

Sheerisa Harregan


Dawid Baszak

BIM Modeler

Mandy Daal-Offringa

Financial Manager

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