Structural Engineering

Sint Maarten is located in a hurricane- and earthquake prone area. Our staff has acquired an in-depth knowledge of design and construction requirements in such areas. Since the official building code on Sint Maarten dates from 1935 and is largely outdated, ICE has compiled its own in house guidelines which are used by the government for all major projects.

Projects completed by our firm include, among many others: The Cliff, Sapphire beach club, Atrium tower, Port de Plaisance, Horizon View hotel, Windward Islands Bank, Princess Heights, Vineyard office building, numerous specialty reconstruction projects, numerous houses and buildings located in steep slopes.

We supply engineering assistance for small and big projects to local architects and builders.

For many projects, ICE uses the software of Scia and Graitec to do structural analyses of structures.
This saves our company time and it results in more econominal structure(s).

Also see our past projects and current projects pages for more information.





















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