Material Testing

ICE has its own in-house material testing facility on Sint Maarten. We can execute most "normal" testing on concrete, aggregates, cement and soil samples. Our laboratory works in accordance with Dutch, American and French standards. Testing services are provided on site for projects on Sint Maarten, Saba, Sint Eustatias and St. Barths.

Subsoil investigations and specialty foundation engineering

Through its sister company GTS (Geotechnical Services) N.V., ICE provides soil testing and subsoil investigation services. GTS N.V. has its own equipment available on island. Subsoil investigations have been executed since 1984 for numerous projects on Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Saba, Sint Eustatias, Anguilla and St. Barths. Specialty foundation techniques have been designed and built for several projects:

- Underpinning of the Horizon view Hotel (tilting due to erosion)
- installation of high capacity tension anchors (500 tons each) for overturning reaction at maho beach hotel
- Underpinning and construction of new foundations for Le Santal Restaurant, Sandy Ground (settlement due to erosion)
- Construction of rock anchor stabilized retaining wall in the lowlands
- Several small projects



Material Testing












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